Candlelighters Fun Walk-2018

Team Tarpinian

This year I am forming a team to walk in the Candlelighters Fun Walk and I would love for you to support me!  I am walking in honor of all the families who face childhood cancer.  I know that Candlelighters makes a difference in the lives of childhood cancer families each and every day.

Candlelighters is a local charity serving families facing childhood cancer who are being treated at the Texas Medical Center.  Founded by families, Candlelighters programs and services are the direct result of the vision of those founding families and the experiences they shared.  In that spirit, Camp CLIFF was developed by those families who started Candlelighters and recognized the need for “family time”. 

The Fun Walk raises money for Candlelighters' annual family camp – a get-a-way for the whole family. While many camps may offer the child with cancer a getaway, Candlelighers believes that it is VERY important for the WHOLE family to get a break from the treatment facilities and their everyday hectic lives. Quality time as a family is essential in the struggle to beat their disease.

The cost to host a family of four at camp is $800, so our goal is to raise $1,600 in hopes of giving two families a much needed vacation! For most families, this camp is their only opportunity to get away, as Candlelighters also hosts doctors and nurses to allow for on-site treatment (if necessary) and care to the patient outside of the hospital.

Thank you for supporting me and for helping all the children with cancer and their families that Candlelighters serves!

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